Sunday, 24 January 2010

It's Punderful

A lot of effort went into thinking of a suitable name for this blog. As I live with two of the keenest punners ever, the brain storming became quite obsessive for a few hours last night.
It seems only right to list some of the others we came up with, including some late-night ones which were really starting to stretch things...

With many thanks to Fi and Em.

I Sing for Icing
One in the Oven
Notes on a Spoon Handle
One Night Cake Stand
Happiness is a Warm Bun
The C-Word
All By My Self-Raising
The Bake Escape
Life is Butter Cream
All the World's a Cake
Rock Cake and Jam Roll
Like A Rolling Pin
Bake Your Mind Up

Bake Me, I'm Yours

Bake Me Out

Bake Me Up Before You Go-Go

Bake On Me

Boom Shake Shake Shake the Spoon

Don't Bake That, Bake This!

How to Bake Friends and Influence People

Bake My Advice

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