Saturday, 13 February 2010

No baking required (part 2)

When I was in Truro with Cheyanne last year I went into a café that was selling Rocky Road. I hadn’t tried making it before and wasn’t sure what to use to soften the chocolate so I asked the guy behind the counter and he very kindly wrote out the recipe for me!

Unfortunately, (see banoffee pie post) the secret ingredient is again condensed milk! There are definitely other recipes that use golden syrup instead, so at some point I’ll do a comparison and post one of them too.

I made this for Tom and Mark’s birthdays at uni and it went down very well, despite taking hardly any time to make!

Rocky Road

180ml condensed milk
60g butter
125g dark eating chocolate*
150g digestive biscuits
85g marshmallows
55g raisins

I didn't actually didn’t use these exact quantities. A tin of condensed milk is about 300ml so I just used all of that and roughly matched the other amounts. You could of course use sultanas, glace cherries, whatever you fancy. And bear in mind some veggies don’t eat marshmallows!

Break up the biscuits into a bowl, add marshmallows (I cut them into quarters) and raisins.
Melt the condensed milk and butter together in a saucepan, then add chocolate broken into pieces and melt it all until smooth.
Simply add this to the bowl and mix it all together.
Put it in a deep dish lined with greaseproof paper or baking parchment and level it out a bit. Refrigerate overnight (needs at least 4 hours) and then in the morning you should be able to lift it out and cut into squares.

*If you have a Co-op nearby, they sell nice chocolate which is not too expensive and is also Fairtrade.

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